Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Itz O'leri Again

O'leri Just Released a SoundTrack Titled "All She Gat"

Produced by Tatiana

My African Queen of the year 2014 January!




How does she look?

6 Attitudes Ladies Should Not Reveal To Men by vosquare

6 Attitudes Ladies Should Not Reveal To Men by vosquare
No one is perfect but we should be able to caution our attitudes sometimes. Not only do guys make mistake with girls,the girls
have their faults too,there are some things that are common with some ladies. Here are some
mistakes ladies should not make with guys :

1. Being too forward: When a guy approaches you, there are reasons to his actions. Its either because he likes you,need an help from you or something else. Girls are fond of saying “he just wants to toast me,that’s all and am not interested,so what’s the point answering him”. Chill girls,some just need your friendship,help etc,try to get his route first,don’t be too forward.
You might be wrong. Just pretend you don’t know that’s the likely thing on his mind. Give him the space to be himself. When you are able to picture his motive then you can try being smart with it.

2. Drawing conclusions too soon: When a guy asks for a date,we always feel he is going to ask for a romantic relationship at that end,though it is common that way but let’s still honour them if we have the chance to and allow him speak his mind, Maybe he just wants to know you better or start a friendship before speaking his mind. We shouldn’t just tell him to his face that ” I know you brought
me here to tell me you love me,so just start talking” .It shouldn’t be that way,let him have his way as a man because when you tell a man that you know his intentions and he then feels embarrassed about it,he may decide to change it and tell you it was something else, and at the same time you could also be wrong,so its better you let him do the talking and you do the answer.

3. Trying to impress Men: Ladies are fond of impressing guys about their worth,let him find out himself. Humility pays! Don’t flaunt your luxuries at him, he might feel intimidated,and if
you try bragging about it,he would not want to mix up with a lady of pride and such exuberance. Just be a classic woman,let him explore more to find out about you . Don’t piss him off yourself. A
guy wouldn’t want a proud woman in his life. If you are lucky to have all what you need in high taste, just be low about it because men usually observe a ladies attitude from the very moment he sets his eyes on her. Always be real.

4. Being too quick to express your feelings: Am
not saying you shouldn’t express yourself but please be careful about it. Guys have a lot of motives towards girls but yet he remains nice and calm,the kind of guy you want. Don’t get carried
away by his beauty. Yes,we have
handsome,tall,cute guys that you will wish to be around but not all have good intentions. Not all are meant for you too. Don’t quote me wrong. He might just need your body or your love. Try finding out well before showing that you admire him. Hmmmmn,from experience,it is still preferable for a guy to express his likeness first.
Its not a matter of African mentality but we still have guys that will take advantage of you if you show too much. Well,its your choice to flaunt it all at him. Remain reserved. You can only express freely when there is something going on already.

5.Telling him your problems: Some ladies now feel its so comfortable to tell a guy about their problems on the first date. The fact is that some girls do it to get a quick cash from men while some can be real. Since guys have the mentality that you are only trying to get their money,he
would either believe you and spend it or promise and fail you. Some guys now judge all girls as the same likewise girls,so no matter what you say or do,he still feels you are up to something. So be careful how and when you relate your issues so as not to push him off.

6. Acting like a flirt: Some girls now think that the
best and fastest way to get a guy is being hot and sexy. Wearing dresses that shows off too much and acting like a Naughty Lady around him. Stop that! Keep your dignity for someone special. Stop flaunting it at all guys. They would get a wrong signal and flow with you that way. They would see you as a cheap girl. Be modest in dressing, speech etc. There is one special guy out there that would love your simplicity and love you that way.
Well,I don’t expect all girls to be in support of these because many believe in dressing and looking hot and the likes. This is for ladies who believe in self worth and practice it that way.


News just reaching us from Abuja.....
Francis O'leri writes...........................
The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board has recently changed the Date of Examination for the Upcoming 2014 UTME Exam.
Go and check yours now. http://www.jamb.org.ng/unifiedtme1

Omotola's 14 Years Old Daughter, Meraiah Flaunts Her Hot Figure In New Photos

Guys, officially meet Nollywood's top star Omotola Jalade Ekeinde's daughter, Meraiah. Meraiah turned 14 on the 7th of February, same birthday with her mum.

APC is Like The Church of Satan – Pastor Tunde Bakare

APC is Like The Church of Satan – Pastor Tunde Bakare

The General Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly and former Vice Presidential candidate under the Congress for Progressive Change, Pastor Tunde Bakare has likened the leading opposition party, All Progressives Congress to the Church of Satan in a parable.

“APC is like a newly opened church of Satan with the evil as a Pastor which could not be distinguished by Nigerians from a true living Godly Church and hence could be mistaken for a real Church, even when it was made of thieves (Legitimate Pen Robbers), that is why they ganged up against Local Government fiscal Autonomy using crumbs from stolen accumulated wealth to bribe their thievery colleagues at Federal and State house of Assembly." Tunde Bakare said

“It is very clear that 5 Governors of APC in the west is far richer than their state and they have looted every penny from their state purse. People should be careful of this Rogues,” he added.

Source: dailytimes.com.ng/article/apc-church-satan-–-pastor-tunde-bakare